Ebook Publishing Services Company In India

The world of e-books is evolving and involves the usage of a number of new tools and technologies. Faith Call Center offers professionals deft at carrying out all theebook Services.

We specialize in executing various ebook Services and epub services and have experience in handling all kinds of issues that occur with files during conversions at large overseas conversion houses. All the eBooks we produce exceed the highest standards when it comes to quality and validity. We check the ebooks with various validation tools like ePubCheck and ePubPreflight.

We understand that maintenance of eBooks quality is vital to enable them to succeed in the market. Our quality team reviews your file and works to spot out all the compliance issues. We work to ensure highest quality for all your eBooks. All these steps together work to increase your visibility in the market.

Other services related to epub services offered by us can be listed below as:

  • Proof-reading and copy editing services
  • Layout and master preparation
  • Cover designing
  • Professional editing services
  • Image scanning
  • Traditional offset high quantity printing
  • ebook formatting services

We assist various authors in the ‘short run’ publications. These authors work to produce a small quantity of publication and after analyzing the success they can proceed for more publications.

ePublishing includes the digital publishing of books, articles and all other forms of content. It encompasses digitization of content from almost any format.

Faith Call Center offers a full suite of ePublishing solutions that includes composition of books, journals and articles on digital medium. We have charted out our work processes immaculately to make delivery, forceful as well as flexible. Combined with our deft project management skills, we deliver on our commitments consistently, always on schedule, unrelenting on quality.

We are well-versed with all sorts of formats and tools that are in use in ePublishing today. For developing raw matter, we can work on software are MS Word, Quark, Pagemaker, PDF, Photoshop, Illustrator as well as hard copies. Our ePublishing department comprises of content developers, designers and technical experts.

Our ePublishing Services help businesses attain objectives such as

  • Quality standards
  • Precision content
  • Multi channel publishing

At Faith Call Center, when we begin a project, we have detailed discussions with clients to find out what they exactly expect from us. Thereafter we focus on charting out a plan to do the project. We work out how to best use our equipment, software and human resources to deliver the project on time. We keep up with the ever changing ePublishing technology making sure that it conforms to the standards.