Multilingual Call Centers Outsourcing Services

As the market for English Call centers is growing, the boom of multilingual call center outsourcing is arriving from key non-English-speaking markets like Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Korea Netherlands ,Italy ,South America.

With the expansion of the European Union & lot of east European countries joining the ITES revolution, there is a great demand for European Languages call centers which will operate not just in English but in many languages notably German, French as well as Spanish, and East European languages. In the US & Latin America too, with more people speaking different languages especially Spanish, there is a demand for bilingual and multilingual call centers to cater to this segment of the population.

Indian companies have begun to recognize the potential for multilingual call center outsourcing.

We provide Call center Services in languages such Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, German, Italian…

We have a large pool of multilingual specialists who have talent, knowledge and experience to help you improve customer relationships, sell products and increase productivity. Our specialists are apt in reading, writing, speaking and translation skills in both English and the second language. Furthermore, they are trained with voice accent to provide high quality standards.

With our excellent grade multilingual services at the most competitive prices, we are the right partner to outsource your projects.

Multilingual services currently offered would be Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Mandrin, Japanese, Chinese, Thai etc